Hard Cider in Quebec

Apple Orchard


Cidre Fort (Hard Cider) – I never liked apple cider as a kid. We used to drink it in Mississippi when the weather started getting cool (below 80 degrees F) and I always thought it tasted like slightly less disgusting apple juice. That all changed on a trip to Quebec when I was introduced to Canadian apple cider at a local cidrerie (cider producer). The Canadian cider actually tastes like apples – rather than Koolaid-flavored apple juice, et Voila – it’s got alcohol in it! Who knew drinking juice could be such a pleasurable experience?
The cider we sampled at Domaine de la source a Marguerite is distilled from apple trees right on the premise. During the summer bring a picnic lunch, get a bottle of cider at the boutique and relax right under the trees. Domaine Marguerite is located on Orleans Island (Ile d’Orleans), an island on the St. Lawrence river that’s about a 10 minute drive from Quebec city. There’s only one bridge to get on the island and one road, chemin Royal, which encircles the entire island. Orleans Island is mainly farms, restaurants, B&B’s and wineries. It’s gorgeous, quaint and unspoiled – even with the tourists.
Back to the cider – the tasting or degustation (yes, they do speak French here) is free. The only exception being the ice cider, which is a $2.00 per person charge to taste. We sampled the light and hard ciders; the difference being the percentage of alcohol. Our favorites were the black current & maple syrup hard cider and the ice cider. What can we say, we like it sweet AND strong! After the tasting, get a glass to enjoy either on the front patio or the picnic tables out back. If you decide to buy a bottle, the friendly staff will wrap it up for the plane trip. Sante!
Domaine de la source a Marguerite
3788 chemin Royal, Sainte-Famille, QC
Telephone: (418) 952-6277
Cider recommendations: Bouquet d’ automne – Black currant & maple syrup hard cider, La cuvee des Ti-Coq – Ice cider

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